Dr. Ildikó Bárkányi PhD., Project co-ordinator

Ethnographer, leading museologist of Móra Ferenc Museum, the Hungarian co-ordinator of the project.

As an ethnographer, she took part in the field work and collected the documents archived.

She had an important role in studying and photographing the Tisza-Maros area and the Szeged region.

Gábor Kerner, Art conservation engineer

Structural architect, designer, art conservation engineer and ethnographer.

Retired as a heritage protection referent of the Heritage Protection Office in Zala county in 2014. He has been the manager of Kerner KKT ever since. He regularly publishes in the Hungarian Architecture journal, organizes conferences and gives presentations.

He is the secretary of the Rural Architectural Committe of ICOMOS and vice-president of HUNGARIA NOSTRA city conservation association. He is one of the initiators of the project; he started working on it with Mária Szilágyi.

He carried out research on the Serbian part of the Szeged greater region; he documented them with sketches and professional drawings. One of the authors of the project publication.

Mária Szilágyi, Arhitect, art conservation engineer

Architect, art conservation engineer, PhD of architecture. She has been a teacher at the University of Technology in Novi Sad since 2014.

She is a member of the Rural Architectural committee, Academic committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Veszprém; the Rural Architectural Committe of ICOMOS; the Association of Art Conservation of Serbia and the Association of Architects of Novi Sad.

Her main field of research is the rural architecure in Banat. She took part in creating the register of industrial heritage of Vojvodina. One of the initiators of the project along with Gábor Kerner. In the project she studied the architecture of the Serbian places populated by people from Szeged, she took numerous photos. Besides field work she took up the task of collecting the archived documents and maps. She is one of the authors of the project publication.

Dr. Gábor Dániel Ozsváth PhD., Art conservation consultant, ethnographer

Ethnographer, art conservation consultant. He worked as an ethnograpic museologist and teacher. He has been the docent of the Faculty of Education of Károli Gáspár University since 2015. He teaches art history, enthnography and local history.

His main field of research is the history of windmills and watermills in the Carpathian Basin as well as the variations of the sunbeam ornamented gables in the Szeged greater region. His works are published in journals and in anthologies.

He is a member of various scientific associations. He is the co-president of the Rural Architectural committee, Academic committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Veszprém. He is also an executive member of the Hungarian Association of Molinology.

In the project he studied and documented photographically the rural architecural heritage. He also carried out research in the related archives.

Dr. Ferenc Fodor PhD., Ethnographer

Ethnographer, historian, leading museologist of Móra Ferenc Museum, lecturer at the Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology of Szeged University.

His main profile is studying the population of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve, its migrational trends; as well as the changes in agriculture in the 20th and 21st centuries.

He has own publications and anthological ones also. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences public body and also the member of the Ethnographical worker’s committe of the Szeged Academic committee.

He participated in the project as a researcher, took thousands of pictures, of which the photos taken about the Sand Plateau farms are particularly of great importance.

Anikó Veronika Vukov, Ethnographer, museologist

I work at the Ethnographic Anthology of Móra Ferenc Museum, where I deal with photographic and archive data – material.

My main field of research is herb growing and usage (the subject of my current PhD thesis), personal hygiene and artisan ethnography. I give presentations and professional publications on these topics.

Mihály Dömötör, Photographer

Mihály Dömötör retired in 2010 as the museum photographer of the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged. He has been a freelance photographer since.

He has created 7 exhibitions since 2010 and presented them in 26 cities besides Hódmezővásárhely. He teaches applied photography at the Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education in Szeged. He often gives lectures and opens exhibitions.

He is the president of Lucien Hervé Kamera Club of Hódmezővásárhely.

He took pictures according to professional instructions in the Hungarian part of the Szeged greater region.

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