„Traditional architecture from a new perspective” is a project designed by the Institute for Hungarian Culture in Vojvodina, Senta and the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged, Hungary.

The main aim and achievement of the project is the manual, which is a summary of the architectural heritage of the Szeged greater region for practising architects. The publication is in Serbain and Hungarian language, it presents the architectural heritage in units, thus enables planning the buildings adapting into the scene. The manual is intended as a guideline for educational institutes, museums, architectural chambers and civil organizations.

The selected 127 settlements belong to the Szeged greater region, to the area demarcated by Lajos Kálmány and Sándor Bálint, including the areas of Csongrád, Homokhát, Kiskunság, Bácska and Temesköz.

The common origin is reflected  in the traditional rural architecture; besides, the changes in the walks of life and in the population from the second half of the 20th century led to the transformation of the rural image. New trends in architecture slowly change the image of the village, and the new, modern buildings shape its image.

In residential and farm buildings old elements can be identified  - some can even be traced back to the 18th century, however, in the 20th century, the traditional rural image begins to disappear. Traditional architecture remained; the researchers, by documenting the buildings of unique value, carried out an irreplaceable cultural heritage protection task.

The project stands for the following:
-ICOMOS international suggestions, paticularly the 1973 Thessaloniki suggestions – on preserving and revitalizing rural architecture
-Tlaxcala Declaration on reviving small settlements – this document comprises all necessary elements
-The European Spatial Development Plan (ESDP) – the cultural and architectural heritage
-The certificate of traditional heritage – on preserving traditional architecture in the region with multiple ethnicities
-The Bruges decree: principles regarding the rehabilitation of historical towns
-The charta on preserving historical towns and places – this document focuses on fields that document history and preserve community traditions.

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